Treatment Center Workshops

 What professionals are saying about
"Get Yourself Connected" Workshops

  an energetic and passionate experience for everyone … unique and effective… everyone loved it.
      Kathleen White                       

Ridgeview Ranch - Pasadena, Ca

… clients take an active role in their recovery… clearly identifies principles in the steps… creative and fun.      John Kahal     

Capo by the Sea / Solutions for Recovery -  San Juan Capistrano, Ca

 … 80% of residents were smiling… the most shy and withdrawn began to participate… clients still talked about workshops even days later… they learned to work together as a group, some for the first time.    Verna Sanchez

Dixon Sober Living Centers - Covina, Ca

                                              We are not a glum lot!                                           
"We Absolutely Insist on Enjoying Life!"

Learn to identify the principles in the first three steps using the metaphor of the drum circle.  In this fun, energetic, workshop series we use a "hands-on" approach, together with the AA's 12 x 12, to help individuals experience these principles.

When what you're doing isn't working sometimes you have to, "take it A.P.A.R.T. so it can come together". Awareness, Pause, Ask, Receive, and Try it out.   We help your clients build an awareness of how groups function, what principles are, the necessity of surrender, what a "power" is, what open-mindedness looks like, the power of silence, and how to make the connection to the core Self.

We; provide all the percussion instruments... offer a flexible time frame... can adapt the workshop based on your needs... and we work with any size group four and up.

The Foundation Series Workshops run for four weeks, one hour each.  Even Before Steps, Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3.  With a solid foundation, by identifying principles in their own experience, clients can begin to build the life they came here to live, happy, joyous, and free!

For more information or to schedule a workshop:

Call Paul at 951 751-7541 or email

The workshops were developed using my, over twenty nine years of continuous recovery experience, as a way of life!


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