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We offer drum circle workshops to help identify principles that we  can use everywhere in our lives.  As kids, we are exposed to stories of Super Heroes.  These characters possess special powers that allow them to swoop in and save the day for the "ordinary people".  Most super heroes come from another planet, or have some magical power not attainable by real human beings.  We have been taught to look for super heroes on the outside, that is not where to find them.  Inside each of us is a super hero, we call him PossiDude.  That part of us that already knows the right thing to do, but no one ever told us what our super powers were or how to use them.

In a high energy, fun activity, we identify what (principles) super powers are and how to use them in our day to day activities so we can become the true super heroes we really are.  Awareness, PauseAbility, Asking, Receiving and Trying, may not look like super powers, but nonetheless when they are practiced and developed, they bring about a new life experience and allow us to interact with our world in a whole new way.  True, we probably won’t be flying anytime soon, but we will learn how powerful these truths really are. 

We can learn, within the drum circle, that whenever we are upset, angry, or just plain off track, we can always realign ourselves with our true powers by taking it A.P.A.R.T. so it can come together.

Once we are shown how to use our powers in one area, it becomes easier to see how we can use them in others.

We provide all the percussion instruments and can adjust the workshop to fit into your time schedule.  Ideal for all age levels, six years old and up.  We can adapt for any size group.

This is also a great party event!

For more information about our class and how we can help your organization or group in the greater Los Angeles area, call:

Paul at 951 751-7541­­­­­


Visit our blog at www.possidude.wordpress.com

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