Super Hero

   Why PossiDude?  

Why are we here?  What is our purpose?  Where are we going?  What holds it all together?  And most of all, who are we, really?  Is it all good or is it a battle between good and evil?  These are just a few questions...  but given the limited information we have in our finite little brains, why not ask our creator and see what comes?

PossiDude is the positive attitude dude in each of us, the infinite potential.  It's also the unlimited possibilities that exist in every second.  PossiDude is our connection to our source (aka the soul).  We don't have to believe it, we just have to act on it. 

Consider the possibility that we are all super powerful beings, with unlimited potential and abilities for good, super heroes if you will, but we have no awareness of our super powers.  We have the connection, but we've never learned to develop it.  We haven't even begun to use the real power we were born with. 

If we're going to survive on this planet we will need to apply all our talents and abilities.  Not just our minds, and bodies, God knows, that hasn't been enough.  We will need to first acknowledge our connection.  We will need to trust (the truth in us), our PossiDude.  You may call  it by another name of course.  All that's necessary is we make a beginning and keep going.

PossiDude Workshops are available to help identify the PossiDude in each of us.  

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