Super Hero

How would you like to be a super hero? 

What if you already are but you just don't know it?    We're not looking for anything new, we just need to let what is already there present itself.  Its who we really are!  We can begin to uncover and align ourselves with our real powers.  They work each and every time we apply them, without fail.   But no one told us what these powers are. 

is the positive attitude dude, the force for good, in each of us.  He goes by many names, he is the truth of who we really are, the true connection to our creator.  We can't lose it, it can't be taken from us, we can only fail to recognize it.  When we do that, there appears to be another character, we'll call him NegiDude. 

Negidude rarely has anything good to say.  You're not good enough, strong enough, smart enough... you might says he's who we "think" we are.  But he's not real, he's very convincing, but he's not real.  He's the one that remembers every time we make a mistake and the more we think about it the bigger that  mistake seems to get.  He tells us who we are, with great authority, but it's always based on the past.  In this moment, he has no power over us, unless we choose to listen to him.  He also goes by many names.

Wouldn't it be nice to find out the truth of who we really are?  What is that?  Everybody says that!  It's the truth!  Says who, how do you know?  We we all have our evidence to back up 'what we say is' the truth and our logic is impeccable.  But, is there a way we can know what is really true? 

Let's just look at some simple truths.  One and one is two.  That's a mathematical truth.  Anywhere in this world, no matter what language or place on this earth you are, that is a truth.  We can argue, deny, pretend it's not so, it doesn't change the fact that it is true.  Take gravity, when we drop something it will fall down.  At no time does it not fall, it doesn't fall up, it falls down.  Again, we can argue, pretend, etc.  It's still a truth even if we don't choose to believe it.  It's a physical truth.  The interesting thing about truths; they make our lives so much simpler and joyful when we align ourselves with them.  They actually work for us.  Just as mathematical and physical truths are true everywhere and always, so are spiritual truths, they just aren't as obvious.  We have to look for them, however, because we are much more than our physical bodies or our minds, t
hey are even more important!

As parents, we want our children to be secure and happy and we want them to know that, at a core level.  We want them to know they are okay. We also want them to have the life of their dreams, to be who they came here to be.  It's what our parents wanted for us, although sometimes it was tough to see that.  Everyone does the best they know how. 

PossiDude is the super hero in each of us
.  No one showed us what our powers were, at least not in a way that we could identify.  We always look for the super hero outside of ourselves.  That's not where he is.

PossiDude Drum Workshops were created to provide a fun, energetic way of identifying what these super powers (aka principles) are and help us to see them in our own lives.  Developing our super powers and practicing them will enable us to become the Super Hero we came here to be!

To schedule a workshop for your group, organization, or party contact: Paul at 951 751-7541

We also have a blog:  It is my hope that you will join in the blog and share your experience on how you apply these powers, one example at a time.  By sharing how we live by principles in our life we will be giving our children the very best we have.  Not just the successes, that's easy, but the times we fail and how we learned from them.

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